Credit Card Debt - Live a Frugal Life and Be Debt Free!

Credit card debt is one of the most astounding debts that a person has. Why? With the interest rates as high as 32%, a person can work his entire life paying off his debt and owing his life to someone. It's quite ironic, you can get whatever you want through a swipe of a card and yet it takes months or even years to pay the debt.

The scenario is always been like this, "I like this bag", "Oh I need a new pair of jeans", "I will use my credit card to purchase groceries" and other statements you usually say every time you want to purchase something out of your credit card. Later on, you will be in total denial and avoid opening up the credit card bill. You start to pretend that it is just a small amount and continue to pay the minimum payment you are used to.

It's quite obvious that most of the purchases you made are just your wants and not needs. You don't need another pair of jeans when you have 5 of them sitting in your closet. You don't need another pair of shoes when you have 10 pairs already. Remember, when you go out from your house you only wear one pair of shoes, a pair of jeans, and a shirt. Why you need to have as many as your eyes can see when you only need one.

This is where living a frugal life comes to play. If you can train yourself to live a simple life, then all your worries about credit card debts will be all gone! You will eventually have savings on your pocket and will have more money to pay off your credit card debt.