Credit Card Debt - The Reason Behind All the Debt

People talk about credit card debt and always come out with figures that are making each and every one feel stressed out and depressed. Figures do not harm anyone but it is the aftermath that makes every one go crazy about. Things such as living an uncomfortable life, people looking down on you, owing your life to somebody, and living paycheck to paycheck in order to survive.

But did anyone even bothered to investigate what's the reason of all this mess that every one is into? There are some who come up with solution to solve this temporary problem while others giving some advice on living a life debt free. But seldom we see or bump into information that talks about the reason behind all these debts.

Basically, it's for validation or to be recognized that one exists in this world. It is as if you don't own a car, you are nobody. If you don't own a house, you don't belong to the society or you don't buy this or that nobody would even dare to become your friend. It's the feeling of being accepted in the society and for people to look at you as if you are in the pedestal make everybody go gaga over material things and even if they can't afford to buy such things they will use the credit card to do so.

At the end, the person who is suffering is you. Your so-called friends are now gone, only few ones left, your dream home that you have lived for how many years is now owned by somebody else, and the status that you always take care is now turning into nothing. If only people will accept the real truth about themselves, then there will be no credit card debt to speak of.